So, is it just me, or is it a sad state of affairs when I have to turn to Hallmark channel for tv because nothing else is on?

I didn’t have cable for 2 plus years and lived wonderfully on Netflix and Hulu. Now that we have it because my mom thought my kid should have it, besides maybe 3 shows, I could care less. It is interesting that Bravo calls a tv show “scripted tv” because I guess everything else is “reality”. This post is not profound, clever or even particularly meaningful. It is just me wondering if I am the only person that thinks that Netflix and Amazon Instant Video has better series than traditional television? As much as I am complaining about tv, it is so hard for me to let cable go again. The first time was like a breakup. I unhooked the cable box and it took me one week to part with it. Now, I feel like I am being reunited with a lover again to only find out that there was a reason I left him in the first place. So, maybe once summer hits, I will tell cable goodbye again. At least, until Christmas as I have done in the past. This will not be the last time I am sure, because it is something about Christmas time and cookies and cold weather that makes me want to watch 24 hours of happy family Hallmark movies and It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story and everything that we have on dvd but is somehow more enjoyable on cable.:)


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