So, is lying on a Weight Watcher’s app the same as telling someone a half-truth?

I just started WW points a couple of weeks ago. I have dropped between 5-7 pounds. But what is funny, I have found that when I am putting things into the app that I have eaten, I have “accidentally” left off a slice of cheese. Or, the to-go salad tiny packet of dressing-hey it all adds up. I was kind of wondering if I am doing this subconsciously or was I really forgetful that day, or do a lot of us tell only part of the truth a lot of the time?

It’s akin to someone saying that they gave a “little” more than they actually did to a charity because after all they were just rounding-up! Or, telling your current love that you did talk to your ex-boyfriend recently when HE called, not mentioning that he was returning YOUR call.:) Or if someone weighs veggies in the self-check out line and types in a cheaper squash, I mean what does it matter? It is STILL squash right?

I was thinking of all of this when I was looking what I have eaten over the last few days realizing that I had left out points here and there. It’s almost like I left those small items out being afraid to go over my points as if there is a WW counselor living with me, or I will be punished severely if I use my bonus points for the week. I mean of course not getting into shape is punishment enough, but you get the idea.

I am going to pay more attention in the future about what I say or do not say because I think that it is very telling about what I feel about myself, or others. I am also going to pay attention to what my daughter tells or does not tell others, or other people who I know. I wonder if many of us are so concerned that we will look bad that it is better to look good in a situation, truth be darned.

Anyway, just food for thought…



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