Is it just me, or has rap gone from political to pitiful?

I used to LOVE Tupac and Biggie. In a big way. I thought that Run DMC was cool, and then these guys came along. The poetry of Tupac was like no other. He told in a “street” fashion, the way of life where he grew up and was so brutally honest about what he did to get where he was. It was refreshingly honest and raw and real. I had never heard anything like it in my life. It wasn’t angry and political like Public Enemy or NWA (though they had a lot of talent too)

. It was like I could visualize what he went through from birth until that very moment. He (Pac) used his words to inspire, not to incite or tear down his people. Biggie was different. He was smooth and east coast all the way, which I love because I love everything NYC. He was so unattractive, but his lyrics made women feel attracted to him. He was honest too, but more about how he stacked dollars, less poetic but still truthful about his journey.

I hear the “durty south” crap now, and it annoys me even more because I am from down that way, and I think: “Are you kidding me? This stuff sucks.”  No thought. Little talent, and a good beat. That is about it. I think for me, Common would be some one that is modern whom I would consider passionate and real. He is not mainstream in the way that Jay Z is, I like Jay, but it is the same ole same ole with him sometimes. Here I am again with my old skool…

This is not my usual kind of topic, but today is Monday so anything goes!:)

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