So, I am trying to get closer to Jesus, and I got “tested” at the movies again…More bad parents :(

I was split up at movie theaters from my daughter and her 2 friends because Paddington was almost sold out. So, I sat 2 rows from the back and she sat on the front row with an older friend and the friend’s brother sat a row nearby. The whole movie I could hear several children yelling and screaming and making a ruckus and about 45 minutes into the movie, I wanted to make sure the kids weren’t being disturbed. I also wanted to make sure that they did not need anything like a snack or bathroom visit, etc. I crouched down beside my kid who sat on the end of the first row. I discovered the source of the noise-3 kids that no one was paying attention to at all. I kept looking an no one was even saying a word to them. What makes it bad is that the kids were playing with the switches on the electronic chair and making the recliner seats go back and forth and were standing in their seats. How is that no one said anything about their behavior? I am sure that others were unhappy about their movie experience.

Enter me. I said shh. Shhhhh. My daughter said it too because we could not even have a whisper conversation about what she needed because they were so loud. So I turned around, with a bit of an attitude and said: “can you please do something about your kids and tell them to be quiet. They are disturbing EVERYONE.” She said: “You are so nice. Thanks for telling me how to parent.” I then said: “if you were parenting, I would not have to say anything.” This was all in annoyed whispers. I told her on my way out that I am going to tell management if she doesn’t keep it down. (by the way, kids told me how much they were being aggravated by the kids and they could barely hear the movie)

So when I came back from snacks, I did not tell management and I dropped off stuff to kids. They told me that she called me and effing b—- 3 times where they could hear it and right in front of their kids. The rows are far apart because there are recliners, so this means she was saying it very loud. Her children could hear it. Mine could hear it and other innocent kids could too. And, her kids were still being loud. So, she had pushed my buttons because I have never in my child’s whole life used a bad word in front of her. Not saying I do not cuss like a sailor when she is not around. I am just saying that she has never heard it from me. And, we do not watch movies with language like that. But somewhere along the line, she has heard the words.

So, I was pissed. I told the lady I am going to tell the management about her profanity and the incessant noise from her kids. So, she literally runs up the aisle beside me to tell me she wanted to “talk”. So why would she think I want to do that? I have wasted time on her already and I am missing the movie. So as I am walking to a theater employee she said: “Do you have kids?” I said, “yep”. Then she goes on about how this was their first time at the movie and that they were laughing and enjoying the movie like all of the other kids. Basically, she was full of crap. Denied cursing loudly and the guy asked to hear her side of the story first. She told him that I was harassing her.

So, I interrupted and said that I spent a lot for 4 people to come to the movie. I was missing said movie. Can they please do something about her? So, the manager walked up and told her if she couldn’t quiet down they would have to leave. Then she said: “Her kids are making noise.” She was PSYCHO. There must have been more complaints about her because an usher was sent directly to her row at the right end. Then, the manager came in also. They had words with her and miraculously, her kids and husband or whomever she was with were quiet. Not one noise the rest of the movie. So why couldn’t she engage with her kids earlier? Why do parents not parent anymore? Why did I have to go through all of that to enjoy a movie? Funny part, at the end she did not jump up to start anything. They sat quietly in their seats as everyone left theater. Wow, maybe I will sit in back from now on. It is easy to see everything:)

I know, I know. I was being antagonistic.I wasn’t doing what Jesus would do. I am trying to work on being a better person. I could have said nothing. But at the same time, it kind of helped me realize that it is okay to stand up and not deal with this kind of crap. But my delivery sucked. After the lady smarted off at me, I told her to tell her kids to shut up. That wasn’t nice. I know. But I get so sick of people not taking responsibility. Thinking that they can act like complete jerks and everyone around them is supposed to live with and accept it. So, I am going to approach it differently next time. Next time, I am going to ask the management without speaking to the person, to please handle noise issues. If they don’t handle it, I will ask for a refund. I missed 20 minutes of the movie dealing with the non-parent.

Maybe after enough people stand up and say something, movie theaters will get a hint. There is a movie theater about 30 miles from DC and children under 5 can only come and certain times of the day. I think that makes tons of sense! Also, at 12-14 dollars a ticket, it is nice to know that there will be a guarantee there will be no crazy behavior. This same theater has slips of paper to leave on your table (It is a full service theater with food and drink) and when they read your paper about a complaint, they will confront the patrons. If the patrons get 2 complaints, they get kicked out. Maybe I need to make the extra time to go to the movies just to know that I can attend a movie and actually get to hear it.

If I am being harsh, I am sorry. I just wish that more of my generation would teach the concept of mutual respect in the way that a lot of us learned it as kids. What happened when “we” became parents? A lot of us decided that no rules was a smart approach? Did the processed food and formula get to our heads? Whatever the problem, I am going to change the story. One movie at a time:)

PS-since I have been a parent, this kind of thing bugs me even more…

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