Must recycle…

I do not understand or really care much for people who do not recycle. There are few exceptions, of course I have some people in  my life who don’t, but I do look at them differently. It is not a lot of effort if you live in an urban or suburban area. Most places in these areas have convenient places to take them, do curbside pickup, or have receptacles that are steps from someone’s door.

Reasons why you should: It de-clutters the overwhelming amount of landfills in this country. It keeps down on costs for companies to be able to re-use items instead of purchase new materials. Recycling is good for the planet. Recycling can help future generations. Also, you won’t have so much trash in your trash can-it won’t be so heavy!!

I feel that people that do not, and have access are just extremely selfish people. If given the chance to do something better for others with little to no effort and someone does not, then that means that this person feels that they are more important than others. That their life is somehow more valuable than other people or animals and that future generations just do not matter very much.

Sound dramatic? Well, the amount of waste that we produce in this country is overwhelming. Have you ever seen the movie Wall-E? Well, if people did not recycle, our country would probably look like the scene from that movie.

If you do not recycle, look up some statistics about it and maybe it will change your mind. Or, think about your children or future children. Or perhaps think about it as a good deed for mankind.

Have a fabulous Friday!



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