What is the saying? God laughs while we make plans? So…

Okay, last night I was so self-righteous about meeting my daily goals and resolutions. I was all like-“I am doing my devotional early and my blog post is finished”, yadda yadda yadda. I so went to bed at 230 and woke up at 630. AND to make matters worse, I heard my little songbird aka my kid singing in her bed at 130. When I say that our internal clocks are screwed up right now, I mean it. She legit woke up with dark circles under her eyes. This is the kid that sleeps 11 hours 5 nights a week and probably 10 the other 2 nights a week.

So, God did me a HUGE favor by allowing snowfall to the DC area today!!! We love snow so much and I marvel at it every time it happens as if it is the first time that I have ever seen it. Where I live, we got about 4 inches, which isn’t tons but it has entertained her for around 3 hours or so. She is playing with friends right now. So, when she comes in and eats dinner and gets ready for bed, I do not anticipate having her get up in the middle of the night. But me on the other hand! I think that I slept more in the last week than I have in a month and now I am all caught up. But as soon as I get off of WordPress I am going to jog with my arm band thing for my Galaxy and put on the calorie counter while watching RHOBH. Bravo is my guilty pleasure-don’t judge:)

I haven’t accomplished a lot today except 2 1/2 hours on my morning job, hanging in the snow with my kid and picking up the kid for my evening gig. Besides that, I have done a few organizational things, written thank you notes and picked up some items to cook this awesome healthy chicken wrap for dinner. To some people this may seem like a lot, but I am an extreme multi-tasker so this was a slow day. Tomorrow, after the snow has died down, we will leave the morning gig and then do school work for 5 hours. Did I mention that I am STOKED that we are not in any plays right now? No acting classes, no workshops, nothing. I love to hibernate in January and February. I have gained 8 pounds, so I may be inside, but I am going to have to run or do yoga while hibernating. Once end of March or beginning of April hits I will emerge from this chrysalis and run like crazy until the end of the year. So I really do enjoy more relaxation that winter offers.

As soon as I log off here, I will start the yummy dinner I have planned and call the girls in and wind the day down. This time, I pray I can go to sleep by 1130. I do not think I can function another day with 4 hours of sleep. I actually gave in and had caffeine today-I had to cut down to a few times a week maximum (long story). But I knew if I did not get that caffeine this morning I could not have made it through.

If you live in midwest or northeast, I pray that you guys are safe and warm. For the rest of you all, I pray that all is well. Have a good evening and tomorrow is humpday-already!!



PS Even Bao Bao loves the snow!!

Bao Bao snow

Courtesy of WUSA Channel 9 Washington, D.C.

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