So, I cut Facebook loose for at least 9 days

Okay, I am in phase 1 of my finding myself/finding who my friends are is my mission. I deactivated Facebook and I set it for 9 days. I kept finding myself all throughout the day wanting to log on. Or check in somewhere, etc. I still have my Instagram and my Twitter. But my IG is not as personal and has some friends, but also strangers. Twitter is even less personal and was started because of a fandom (followers of a show) and now I follow a lot of political people on their.

For me, Facebook was personal and had people on there that I felt close to. There are some great people on there that I love. Don’t get me wrong. But, I want more from a relationship than a like. I want to see who is really tried and true. So many times, people are on there just to judge or be nosy. I will find out who my real friends are from this adventure. That is for sure. I don’t post a lot on IG and even less on Twitter. So, I am going to see how my life is and how it feels with less social on media and more social in person.

I am tired of feeling disconnected. I am tired of not seeing people in 3-D. I am wondering if others feel the same as I? So totally in touch with people electronically, but so out of tune with their real lives or issues because of this technology dependence. I know we will never go back to the 80’s, but so many times I wish we could! We had a good president, terrorism was a word I knew nothing about, and race relations were decent.

I digress. We are in this age of technology addiction. I get it. I am typing right now on my laptop. But I really and truly want  am going to  make life simpler. I am working hard to declutter stuff, use technology less and get rid of people who only weigh me down. In the midst of this, I hope to find what I am looking for. Both in other people and myself.



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I have tons of education and don't use it! I am non-traditional and traditional rolled into one person. I am a Christian, but need work! I am conservative fiscally, but I could care less who someone marries. My favorite things to do are: hang out with my kid, watch movies, read, write, sing, dance, love, live life to the fullest! I love: my kid, my cat, my best guy D, God, rain, chocolate, Christmas, friends, cats, animals in general, honesty, avocados, love, Hallmark channel, iced coffee, Harry Potter, NYC, England, Italy, D.C., Paris and autumn.

4 thoughts on “So, I cut Facebook loose for at least 9 days

  1. I went away from Facebook for a few months, then went back. I’d have to say it was definitely better without it but also very disconnected as well. In my time away, I didn’t get caught up in the drama/trends/fads/politics etc which was wonderful but I also didn’t know who was doing what or get to see pictures of where people traveled or who just had a baby, etc. If people could actually keep in touch with each other like real humans then I think we could all do without Facebook, but until then… I’m just not sure.


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