Jesus in disguise

This is just beautiful and so real…


Around the park i stroll, my eyes taking in the happy and sad,

The fortunate and down and out are mixed together as strangers.

Who will care for or about the ones that wander hopelessly about,

As for those whose lives are full of love and homes to walk into

Itโ€™s easy to forget and pretend they donโ€™t exist out there hungry.

Is it possible that while i do walk around and observe this horror

Thatโ€™s plagued our world for as long as weโ€™ve existed that there

May be that one soul who approaches us and asks for a dollar or

Help and we have no idea that this was a test, Jesus in disguise.

Our chance to do or donโ€™t may just add a tear or smile to such a

love and peace starved land, Something to think upon,

What if it was he, might it be, Jesus inโ€ฆ

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