Are so many awards shows narcissistic, or well-deserved?

I know that I grew up in the 80’s, but I do not wear mom jeans. I am actually pretty hip. I know the latest songs and trends, but I am not a fan of them per se. I would say out of all of the popular singers right now, Taylor and John Legend would be at the top along with Sam Smith.And, I cannot forget Bruno Mars and his sometimes afro. But I digress (as usual), I have not been into the Grammy’s for probably 10 years. I just don’t think that many of the singers are special. I feel like anyone can put a hit on iTunes or Youtube and become an instant star. It seems to easy to become “famous” now and I am just not interested or impressed. At all. I watched my guilty pleasure Bravo tonight instead and because I forgot Downton Abbey was on.

I know that I am not a part of the majority of people who I know, but I feel that I have taste. Having taste does not always mean status quo. Actually, it rarely means status quo. I have always been the type of person that if everyone else likes something, unless I already liked it, I will totally be against it or not about it. I buy Samsung products because I like them and people say: “Why don’t you buy Apple?” In this super condescending tone like how could I stoop to have an S5 instead of an iPhone? I will probably never buy an iPhone because so many people are so impressed with themselves and others for having that phone. I have an iPad because I bought it for a lame job that I had last year and had to do presentations on it. But I think that besides Facetime, it does about the same thing that my other tablet does.

I was not into Friends and Seinfeld when they came out either. First off, I had a life because I was young. It took me a few years after they were out to get into the shows, and it is funny, I am probably one of the biggest fans of the shows now. But because everyone I knew was so gaga about them, it turned me off. It’s like I am anti-bandwagon times 100 or something. I like Starbucks and Target and other popular things, so it’s not like I am Amish or something.:)

But I really feel like now there are more awards shows than there are good performers. Of course the Oscar’s and Tony’s are not for the general populace, so I love them:) And the Grammy’s have been around a long time, I will give that to them. But then there are NAACP Image Awards, MTV Awards, BET Awards, Country Music Awards, Golden Globes, Kennedy Center Awards, Sag Awards-you get the point. How many times do these entertainers need to be thanked or celebrated? I enjoy movies and music, but I don’t need to think about or praise these people more than I do my God. It’s like they are God’s unto themselves or something.

Maybe I am just tired and cranky. Maybe I am justified in my opinions. Or, maybe a little both. Whether you love the Grammy’s, hate them, or can just take them or leave them, everyone has something that irks them and this is one of those things for me. But, if I had a chance to win a trip to one of these venues with some of my favorite stars like Meryl Streep or DeNiro, I am not going to lie, I would be there!:)  Have a positive and happy Monday and work week. Thanks for reading my opinions on the state of celebrity in America.



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