So, I go from blogging about faith to spies. But “The Americans” is quite a compelling show…

An acquaintance who I think a lot of told me that she and her hubby love this show on FX called “The Americans”. So, when I heard it was about espionage and government stuff I was in. I bought the first season on Amazon Instant Video after seeing a free episode there and I must say it is very emotional, exciting and loaded with adrenaline-filled moments.

On one hand, I really do like the spies. I mean they are Russian spies sharing secrets about the U.S., so that is not a positive. At all because I am a big time patriot. But there is just something likable about them. They seem like such good parents and they seem so “normal” and “harmless” until they kill someone or try to drown someone, you know, normal spy stuff.

I love the excitement of it, a lot. But then I think about something that I read at the Spy Museum when visiting a few years ago for my daughter’s bday. It said: “There are more spies per capita than there are anywhere else in the world.” After seeing that statement, my daughter and I would look at every person we saw in a trench or someone who looked out of place, with more than a passing glance. There was something electric about it.

But, it is kind of like how I loved the mafia movies of the 80’s and 90’s and then you grow up and realize it isn’t sexy or cool at all. I sometimes think as I pass by buildings with only a street number and no other identifying information, if it is a top secret agency. Then I start thinking about friends that we have and how selective I am about who my daughter hangs out with and who she has sleepovers with. I am pretty confident that these folks aren’t spies. I have known most of our friends for more than 5 years and some for close to 10.

Then, I think about people with jobs that they cannot quite articulate. Or, that they act “shady” about. Some of them are secret service or FBI/CIA. I know that is common here-duh. But, there is a great likelihood in the 20 activities that my kid has been involved with, and the dozens of events and festivals that we have come attended that somewhere we have run into spies for the “other side”-which ever side that may be. Any “side” that is against the U.S. is definitely a side I do not wish o be on, that is for sure.

Perhaps I am being a little dramatic (would not be the first time) or there could be truth in my suspicions. It is so incredibly difficult to explain to someone that things that are scary can also be appealing, or at the least part interesting. But, I have always been a sucker for spy novels and movies and apparently now-shows. As long as I am not personally affected by spies, I will let the romance continue in my head. After all, what harm can it really do?



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