So why is it that some bloggers think that they are gods of some sort?

I have browsed through some blogs over the years, and this month as I have committed to write more again and I have found some doozies. There are people on here that have oodles of followers and are some of the most pompous (fill in the blank) people that I have ever encountered, online or otherwise. Do they think that they can act like complete jerks and continue to have a following? Or, are people that read their blogs and play into their drama: A. Clueless B. Jerks themselves C. Voyeurs D. Drama Seekers or E. All of the above ?????

I do not see how these “writers” that talk out of their backsides have so many followers. Some of them even discourage people to read their writings and almost dare people to like them or try to relate to them. Fortunately for me, I am a very good writer, and a decent blogger and I just write what is happening from day-to-day. I write relating to my mood or things I am passionate about, and hope that in some way that some of the things I say on here mean something to someone. Or, that someone can relate to one of the topics I am touching on so that we can feel crazy together.:) Ha!

Anyway, I am not putting down anyone that blogs and is really into what they are doing. But I am not the kind of person that subscribes to people who are self-important and/or people who are into that negativism/snarky crap. These kind of people remind me of Howard Sterns of sorts. I do not think that I am better than these people, and I may never have as many followers as they do. But…I have my integrity and conscience and cannot write for the masses, especially if there is no depth to what is being said.

Kudos to these “blog stars”, but I will pass for now and just keep being little old me and write because I actually like it.



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I have tons of education and don't use it! I am non-traditional and traditional rolled into one person. I am a Christian, but need work! I am conservative fiscally, but I could care less who someone marries. My favorite things to do are: hang out with my kid, watch movies, read, write, sing, dance, love, live life to the fullest! I love: my kid, my cat, my best guy D, God, rain, chocolate, Christmas, friends, cats, animals in general, honesty, avocados, love, Hallmark channel, iced coffee, Harry Potter, NYC, England, Italy, D.C., Paris and autumn.

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