So I watched “The Interview” with Franco and Rogen…

First off, I did not know (Or maybe I did but forgot), that I could watch a movie On Demand when it is out at the theater. Pretty cool. The movie had some funny parts, but it did not match up to all of the controversy behind it in my opinion. It was that typical “white boy humor” as people call it. I could see some frat guys watching it while at a kegger. Not that I don’t have a sense of humor, I love the Hangover and Bridesmaids-at least I did the first few times.

Anyway, I thought it was going to be super phenomenal. Maybe that is the reason that I don’t get into books or movies or shows until after everyone else does. I am often disappointed. I believe the hype and then I am all-“man that sucked.”

I will mention a movie that was surprisingly entertaining and interesting-“Into the Woods”.  First off, it had my girl Meryl Streep in it. That will always mean a good movie. But the cast was fantastic. Emily Blunt has really spread her acting wings and I am impressed. I had know idea that it was a musical, so I am glad that I went to see it opening weekend. I didn’t have time to hear about people’s opinions of it to cloud my judgement either way. I don’t know that I would want to watch it again and again, but I rather enjoyed it. Am I one of the few people in the universe who did not know that it was a play already?

Have a great day and go see Into the Woods if you like musical movies. Or, “The Night at the Museum” was really entertaining as well. It was surreal to see Robin Williams in it knowing that it was his last movie ever…

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