So, another Manic Monday Motivation or Musing?

So, today is more of a Musing than a Monday Motivational spiel. Today the thought ran through my mind about how some people overuse labels about themselves. My mother always told me that if you are a certain type of person then you will not have to announce it to everyone. It will just be […]

So, I saw this hilarious book today and it referred to certain people as humble-braggers-Know one?

I know this lady. She is kind in a syrupy way. She is genuine-I think. Well, she is a decent person, but I think when it comes down to it, she is out for she and her kid over anyone, but pretends to be a bend over backwards kind of person when she clearly is […]

So, is there a fine line between positivity and being unrealistic and realism and negativity?

Okay, my kid is “in” acting. Meaning that she has been to a lot of classes and workshops over the last few years and has been in a couple of productions. She has auditioned for a few movie roles and commercials and she either did not get them because of distance, she wasn’t fit for […]