So, what is toxic masculinity? Really?

In today’s late edition of- Wednesday’s Wit, Wisdom, Wondering and Whatnot, we will discuss toxic masculinity. Of course I understand the definition, my title was merely rhetorical. Most of us know the meaning because we hear this term all day everyday and about half of the time it “triggers” me, as my daughter says. Because […]

So I would not call myself a feminist, but I’m not anti-feminist either. One thing for sure, I definitely don’t hate men…

So, I respect people who have different opinions and viewpoints, I don’t have to agree with them, but I don’t just outright shut them out.  So a year ago was the infamous pink vagina hat march or rally in D.C.  I was personally appalled by the idea of people wearing them on their heads and […]

So, I am baaacccckkkkk…

I have learned so much about romance and the human condition over the last few weeks and definitely over the last couple of months. I am watching “Waiting to Exhale” as I type this to give me strength because my ‘friend’ has yet to call me when he said he would and I am trying […]

So, I didn’t mean to disappear…

So much has been going on! I am busy with “my men”haha and social media editing and selling for #itworks and nanny job and mom duties and home schooling. WHEW! That was a mouth full. So, I have been a bit preoccupied.:) I haven’t been on a date with the same guy more than once, […]

SO!!!! Dating is not fun!!!

Okay, I went on a lunch date today. This makes guy number 3 in a few weeks. He was super nice on the phone, we met and he was cool but I am not sure that he will call me. Sometimes I think that I am just so different that it can be a bit […]

So, as much as things change, they stay the same

Okay, I am not in my 20’s anymore, or my 30’s. When I hit 40, I did not feel like it and from all indications from what others say, I look 30. Maybe that is true. But, what is different about being in my 40’s, is that I have higher standards. Or I would like […]

So, I had a date with a really nice guy…

Okay, I had a date with nice guy. He is almost too nice, which usually is a turn off for me. But he was pretty funny and very interesting and it so cute because he kissed me on the cheek at the end of the night.:) AND…it may be shocking, but I am going on […]

So, if a woodpecker has a purpose and a plan, then so must I…

I was sitting at my daughter’s Saturday morning class in a funk because of some stupid things I have been doing. I saw a glorious woodpecker on a tree doing his thing. He was doing the job that he was born to do. He hopped from one tree to another, finding a prime tree to […]

So, today has been pretty chill…

I haven’t talked to married guy, friend or Alabama guy or lawyer guy. I went to visit a bestie/family member I haven’t seen in a year, we ran a couple of errands, and I booked my daughter a decent audition for Monday. So, today was good. I jogged 4 miles and did my #dirty30 workout […]

Have people or events made you an emotional eater???

I didn’t consider myself the type to eat when I felt emotionally distraught. I mean I have binged on chocolate before if I was sad and if chocolate was around. But, I don’t go to the store to buy a certain food if I am going through something. I am constantly concerned about calorie intake, […]