Okay, so my sleep mode last night never kicked in…So I am loopy

I could not sleep for sh– last night. I literally went to bed at 1 and woke up at 130 frantic that I overslept for my morning job that starts at 645. My daughter went through the same thing. She was in my bed, her bed, the chair, everywhere. Needless to say after leaving my job at 830 and running to the store and an hour and a half of school work for her, we crashed. We did not eat lunch, did not pass GO, we fell asleep face down at 11 a.m. and did not stir until 2 pm. We ate a bacon gouda at Starbucks at 2 pm and she did her online class for an hour on the laptop while I ran errands.

I am so thankful for my T-Mobile hotspot on days like this. It was also awesome because I did some business calls and online stuff for the therapy job I do for 30 minutes while in grocery store parking lot. My laptop and my car look like we are on the go, literally. They both need thorough cleaning, and even though I am a neat freak and love for things to be in their place, I am not a clean freak by any means. My toilet is not spotless. My dishes are in the dishwasher and recyclables and trash are always on point. But I do not get out the Windex and Clorox on a regular basis-sue me.

So basically I am all over the place with this post today and I guess it is partly because I am still super groggy and want nothing more than to climb into the bed and stay there. But, if I do that, guess what will happen again? A repeat of today. I cannot have that happen because we are at 98 percent for the year for all of the Language Arts courses and Art, but we are behind on Math because my kid does not like it. We are also behind on Science and History because we love it!  We wanted to save those for last because we love the books and the topics. So, we have to catch up on everything because when you take an online public school curriculum, you have to do it at their pace. They want all of the subjects covered 5 days a week. I get it, but we are almost completely finished in some of them, but not at a high enough percent at the other end. Then we have to study for the big standardized tests. I like structure, but part of the reason I home school is to have control over learning. I think that this is the last year for online public school and on to another type of curriculum…

Anyway, I have to put on my big girl undies and get back to non-holiday scheduling. I will have to set my brain to be a morning person and actually love it. We will have to realize that my daughter will have to go to bed at 8 p.m. again and we can’t drag family activities on as we did for a lot of December. I am doing a good thing by doing social media earlier today and this blog post. The next thing that I will do is do my devotional earlier than 1145 at night. I am super proud of myself for sticking to everything I wanted to do except for the exercise part. Every single time I do Just Dance with my daughter and start to get hot, I start coughing and have to stop. So, I will be glad when that cough drama is over because I got a arm phone sleeve so that I could exercise and keep up with it since my Fitbit is defunct.

I hope that all of you are accomplishing would you would like too. My hopes for all of you is that you continue the momentum and do not falter after a few weeks. After repeating a pattern for a couple of weeks, actions become habits. So keep up the awesome work!! You can do it. And, I can do it! We got this!  Yayyyy us!!!




I have put the “Lazy” in La-Z-Boy recliners

It is kind of crazy because I am a hyper person that is all about go, go, go. But since I have been sick for 2 months on and off with bronchitis/asthma/annoying cough, I have not rested. So ever since December 29th, I have attempted to make up for the lack of rest and weakened immune system. This new leather recliner, though it is not the aforementioned La-Z-Boy brand, it has turned me into a sleeper. I have always been a person that cannot sleep a lot or has insomnia. But now, I feel sleepy constantly. Part of it could be the weather, or I am still trying to get over being sick. But no matter what, I have to start getting up at 630 a.m. Monday-Friday starting again tomorrow and I am so not happy about it.

Do not get me wrong, I am happy I have the little 10 hours per week morning job to supplement my other sources of income, but the money isn’t major. It is going to be 11 degrees in a few days, and it will be a real difficult task getting out of bed, but this year is the year to pay off my bills so I guess I have to do what I have to do. Are you guys excited about returning to your schedule, or are you dreading it? I like schedules, I really do function well with structure. But I am not so sure that 630 am is ever a time that I want in my schedule unless I am on a movie set or I am running my own publishing company, i.e., something I am passionate about, then I want to just stay in bed.

I haven’t told you guys what I do, but I do social media for a non-profit on a part-time basis, and I care for children around 25 hours per week. The children are older, so my child has had friendships with many of the kids that I have taken care of over the last 10 years. There are some families that I do not keep in touch with anymore because they were not good people or we just had nothing in common. But most of them are like family to us and I treat their kids like they are my own. Even though I like what I do, with 2 Master’s, I really want to do more. Oh, I also am a virtual assistant to a family member who is a therapist in NYC. I do fun stuff like insurance:)

So, I am a “Jill” of all trades, doing what I have to do to stay at home with my daughter and home educate her. Yes, I home school, but I am not one of those “weird” home school people. I dress modern, I know about modern culture, but I just choose to allow my gifted child to learn at her own pace (which is fast), and I care about what she is taught. Public schools are not the places of learning that they once were. I don’t judge those who send their kids to public schools because many people do not have a choice. There are also people who think that the learning in public schools is stellar, particularly in places like Northern VA or parts of MD outside of D.C. where the public schools appear to be like private schools.

Anyhow, I am not asking for anyone’s approval, nor do I care to hear anyone’s disapproval, at least today. One day I will blog about it and then we can open up that can of worms. My goal today is just to tell you all a little bit more about my life. I hope to actually write on this blog everyday, all year long. I also wish to get to know some of you all and read your blogs and learn and grow from what I read and write. Have a great Monday, you will need it, especially if you like us are having to get back on schedule. Have a blessed night and morning.



Today was a good day-not quoting Ice Cube :)

Today was decent. We drove to Maryland to hang out with a family that we met through my daughter’s acting. It was a decent time with a yummy lunch. Then we came back to our neck of the woods and stopped at Starbucks for the 2nd time of the day. Ugh-I have to cut down in 2015. Then we came home and I watched cable from my tablet while my kid played with a neighbor. Then I cooked dinner, we went to a Christmas lights display at a local botanical garden and it was gorgeous. Then we came inside and sat by the fire and had smores. It was nice to come in from the cold and rain and sit by the picturesque fire, but after a couple of mini-smores, I was done. I don’t know how people eat a lot of that stuff-yuck. Then we came home and looked at pictures and my kid went to bed late. It was her last late night for awhile.


(photo courtesy of trekaroo. Couldn’t upload my pics)


I am totally being a bad person, but I am skipping choir and church tomorrow. I want to sleep and chill and clean up and enjoy our last day not having to get up early and not being on a schedule. I really enjoyed today, actually this whole week. It is the first time in years that I have had days that I have slept until 11:30 or 12:00. I love simple things like writing in my journal and sleeping in and watching movies and playing games. This is been a good day and tomorrow will be even better because event though I have obligations at church, we are going nowhere at all.

I think that sometimes taking time to just enjoy chilling out with loved ones is just as spiritually nourishing and healthy as going for a run or attending church. I have decided from this point on to not overbook and to enjoy every day as much as I can with my child because before I know it, she will be grown and living her own life. I hope that you all take time to smell the roses in 2015 and realize that simple things can equal up to a good day, month or year.



So I watched “The Interview” with Franco and Rogen…

First off, I did not know (Or maybe I did but forgot), that I could watch a movie On Demand when it is out at the theater. Pretty cool. The movie had some funny parts, but it did not match up to all of the controversy behind it in my opinion. It was that typical “white boy humor” as people call it. I could see some frat guys watching it while at a kegger. Not that I don’t have a sense of humor, I love the Hangover and Bridesmaids-at least I did the first few times.

Anyway, I thought it was going to be super phenomenal. Maybe that is the reason that I don’t get into books or movies or shows until after everyone else does. I am often disappointed. I believe the hype and then I am all-“man that sucked.”

I will mention a movie that was surprisingly entertaining and interesting-“Into the Woods”.  First off, it had my girl Meryl Streep in it. That will always mean a good movie. But the cast was fantastic. Emily Blunt has really spread her acting wings and I am impressed. I had know idea that it was a musical, so I am glad that I went to see it opening weekend. I didn’t have time to hear about people’s opinions of it to cloud my judgement either way. I don’t know that I would want to watch it again and again, but I rather enjoyed it. Am I one of the few people in the universe who did not know that it was a play already?

Have a great day and go see Into the Woods if you like musical movies. Or, “The Night at the Museum” was really entertaining as well. It was surreal to see Robin Williams in it knowing that it was his last movie ever…

First full day of January is a touchdown!! Or 2 or 3…

So, my daughter and I slept in until 12:15! It was AWESOME! Then she jumped in the shower and I fixed lunch because she had to go with her dad to this annual bullsh– family event. So, he hurried her out the door as we were making play date plans for the weekend.  Anyway, I slept and watched Bravo all day long. I cuddled up in our new leather recliner and put my faux fur throw over me and it was heavenly.


I had the rest of Junior’s of Brooklyn cheesecake leftover from Christmas, and napped like my cat. Then after beginning to watch a movie tonight, I went to Wendy’s, I know I know, and I had a single with cheese combo and a real Coke. I never do that and do not really drink caffeine anymore and I definitely don’t drink non-diet sodas. EVER!! So, it was a treat. The last one for a long long time.

A long time ago, I would be super angry/sad about her dad taking her to this event because I felt like it was a fakey way for him to show her off to people who only live 30 miles away in Maryland but never reach out to her or see her all year. But as time has gone on, I relish these few and far between opportunities to do nothing. I adore my daughter and enjoy every moment with her, but it is not often that she is gone for the day. Her dad is a slug who lives with a woman that he tries to keep secret, who has 4 grown kids of her own. He never gets her, unless it is beneficial for him. So, because I work from home and home school her, we are together bunches.

I feel like a bummy teenager today and it feels kind of groovy. I am in my NY Yankees t, leggings and wrap and I want to go back to sleep after typing this. But, my baby girl just walked back in the house, so I am anxious to see what happened at the drama filled family function. So, I will get off of here for now and exercise a bit because I feel so super stuffed-how do people eat like this? So, have a good night and I hope that you all have a great rest of the week, month, and year!


PS, good nutrition tomorrow…

I like the rest of the world am contemplative right now…

So, I am thinking of what I did and did not accomplish this past year. The mistakes, the ups, the downs, the happy times, the highlight reel so to speak:) We had a decent year. We did not travel much as originally planned because my daughter really began her acting career. She is young, but has kind of propelled into acting over the last 10 months or so. So anyway, it was a good year. We are alive and breathing and well-all of my friends and family, so that is an AWESOME year in my book!

I decided to start this blog and put all of the other ones from the past completely behind me. I wanted to start fresh and new with blogging and with my eating. I was doing so well and kept weight off that I lost for almost 10 months. I have gained some back, so I figured that I would go back to clean eating, exercising and blogging.

This blog will be about my day to day experiences, my opinion on various subjects or people or just random strangers. I am a pretty opinionated person, but I am generally right about people or situations. My mom says that I am “witchy” with my intuition and/or gut feelings about things. I had someone at church on Christmas Eve tell me that he was a retired detective and could tell that I had good instincts and that I was very perceptive. It was weird because it was my first time meeting him. So in other words, I am ALWAYS right. Ha ha, of course not always, just a lot:).

I love to write a blog where people interact with me, so feel free to talk about topics with me, or comment on my posts. I would love that a lot actually! I look forward to writing and you guys reading and hopefully getting to know some of you guys. Thanks for taking a look-see at my new creation. Happy New Year!!


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