What is about nighttime and worrying and binge-eating grapes? For me at least…

HI guys

I am still a bit bummed and stunned that so many people do not care about the tragedy in Nigeria. Because some journalists were killed in Paris, the media was up in arms and they still are. I totally get it. It was tragic, but other parts of the world are going through so much more on such a much larger scale and it bugs me. It more than bugs me. It upsets me. Haunts me. Scares me. I guess I get angered because no one seems to care. I know we should live every day like it is our last, but Jeez. I wish people would shows some compassion.

So, I am sitting here, watching one of my fave movies and trying to not eat an entire bag of red grapes. I had a good dinner, but sometimes at night I want a snack. I guess it could be worse. I guess it is typical for people to be concerned about things at night. In my case, night-time after my kid is asleep, everything comes flooding forward. Every concern or fear is magnified 10 fold. I guess because I worry for my child’s future and hate the way the world is for her.

What I need to do instead of lose sleep and eat take more calories in is exercise and pray. I have a hard time sitting quietly with my Bible open and reading the Word or eyes closed and pouring my heart out to the Lord. I can pick the phone up and call a friend and spill basically everything that is on my heart. Why is it so difficult for me to do the same with my savior aka Jesus aka the whole reason I am on this earth?

I have my Bible in my purse. I am doing my devotional everyday. But I have to learn to Let Go and Let God as they say. I am going to try tonight to do that. Because as much as I hurt and feel for people who are persecuted all over the world, particularly Jews and Christians, I cannot fix what is wrong. I can only pray that God turn their hearts.

Night my friends, I am going to try to give al of my sorrows to God tonight and see how my day goes tomorrow. I suggest you do the same.




So sick and sad about what our country has turned into or not turned into…

I may be new to writing on this blog, but I am not new to blogging, or social media. That being said, I don’t have much more to say tonight except for our government and administration in general is displaying no backbone at all. I am independent and could really care less what anyone’s political party is. The basic facts are: Paris march occurred and no major member of our government participated but 44 other world leaders did. The slaughter in Nigeria just happened and it is virtually impossible to find it on the news. Since I heard of it from a friend, I have watched the news for 5 hours and saw less than a minute mentioned. Our military social media got hacked by some extremist group making us look like fools. But our freaking government is too scared to call it terrorism or Islamic extremism. If it walks like a duck and looks like a duck and acts like a duck. It is a f—–ing duck!

We have such a wonderful country where all of these people from different countries get away from restrictive regimes. But then many come here and complain about our government. I don’t understand why we keep allowing so many people to come here from areas where we have known enemies by the millions! I am not racist. I am a nationalist and wish more American people would wake the hell up. Only GOD can save us because we are in a deep mess and our leadership is afraid to offend…

So, I went to visit a friend in Wilmington, Delaware for the weekend…

I really had no idea how badly her life has turned until I visited. She moved to a neighborhood that is not very attractive or “her” at all. She has no car to drive, and is discouraged to use public transportation because her immunity is so low. For some reason her disability has not come in and she has been living off of selling baubles and luxury purses and other wares. She has a sh–load of nice things, so she could live off of her things for awhile. But she has been in the hospital 10 times in 15 months and one of the times was due to a stroke. I slipped 15 dollars in her purse, and took her out to eat twice and she was protesting the whole time. I also drove to a few stores and we did her grocery shopping and errands. But it was nothing, because that is what any person should do for a friend. This friend of mine is 20 years my senior, and she has a daughter my exact age who works 3 miles away and drives a Benz and is doing just fine who won’t even come over to take her to get food.

I had no freaking clue!! She is so humble and proud and didn’t want to tell me all of this because she said: “you are so happy”. I said, “I am happy, but if you had told me your real situation, I could help you to be more happy.” I told her some ways to cut costs, because she went from being upper middle class to having to move with her daughter, to then have to move to this random town home. I haven’t seen her since March because she doesn’t exactly live down the street and because she has been in and out of the hospital so much that I could not bring my daughter there because little kids aren’t allowed in ICU.

But also, I have been living my life and I feel guilty for not being there more. I am sure that I have could have found time or money to go and see her more. I have this super-duper friend guilt right now. So, I am already putting it on the books to go and see her again-soon. I realized how quickly someone’s life can change in a blink of an eye. It started making me think that though I am not rich like many of my friends are in the D.C. area and I don’t have a hubby caring for me like my friends do, I AM BLESSED. Truly blessed. We are healthy, we have a nice place in a nice neighborhood and we are happy and I have an income.

I wonder if all of these new money people driving around here in their 60-100 K cars would be able to fare if they had this happen to them. I don’t think they would live for a year. They have no clue what it is to struggle. Sitting in their million dollar homes, turning their nose up at everyone. If they became the people who they looked down on, they would not be able to live with themselves. Now I am not anti-one percent. Hell, all of the people that hate the top-tier only want to be them. And, my uncle is one of them. He drives a 100K car. He lives in a million dollar home. He takes private planes. But he works his ass off for it and doesn’t turn his nose up at anyone. He came from a farming town and had to go through a lot to get where he is.

I digress, but there are many people who gain money not from their families or building their own companies, but through good jobs or through their husbands. These are the new money people who act as if they have lived “high on the hog” (to quote my mom) their whole life. And another momism, “they didn’t have a pot to pee in and a window to throw it out of” when they were being raised up. Now, they act as if they are a part of the Vanderbilt clan. I sometimes see these kind of people and wish they could be brought to what my friend is having to deal with. I really do. Is that cruel? Does that make me a bad person? I know the whole eye for eye thing is wrong. But I just hate what has happened to my friend and so many people like her, and these other people have such bad attitudes and have it “going on”, well at least financially.

So, the gist of the story is I am humbled tonight. I am a little sad. I am a lot thankful. I want to ask God for forgiveness for my lack of appreciation. I want my friend to have better “luck”. I wish for happiness for her. I pray that her life will turn around and she will be on top for once. I also hope that I and others will realize how unimportant material items are. How time with friends and family and memories are so much more golden and valuable. Riches are not things you can see and touch always, love and happiness far outweigh all of that.

I want to be a better steward for my future and for my daughter. I want to buy less Starbucks and put more money into the bank. I am going to give more to my church and spend less at the movies. I am going to go and see loved ones and tell them more how much I care for them because in the end, love is all that matters…

It would be remiss of me not to mention my sorrow for…

I don’t know why we are so afraid to say that the people that are terrorizing people on nearly every edge of the world are terrorists and extremists. Why can’t the president just say that? We do not have to be and cannot be politically correct all of the time. When some extremist Christian people were bombing abortion clinics, they were called Christian wackos. As a matter of fact when people talk about terrorists, the argument by many is that Christians at one time did acts of terrorism hundreds of years ago in the name of religion.

But, these terrorists are doing all of those acts in the name of religion in the modern world and all over the world. There is no limit to who they kill. They kill people in their own religion, people who lack religion, people in “opposing religions”. It should not have taken the killing of artists for so many people to wake up. The freedom of speech thing has been threatened with every killing that these people have committed. Because anyone that does not think or speak or act or look like they do is an instant enemy.

All of that being said, it saddens me that Paris has had to go through this. But this is just the beginning of this kind of crap if these monstrous acts are not stopped. We as human beings all around the world need to join as one, get our heads out of our asses and call a spade a spade. Pretending that there is not a problem or that this kind of thing will not happen to us is ludicrous and nonsensical. Remember 9/11?  Darkness, ugliness, sorrow and pain is what these people wish for mankind. It is like a bad movie where a couple of the characters attempt to “take over the world” except it is real and scary and makes one wonder how the future can possibly be bright.

No matter, this week I pray not only for Paris, but also for our country and leaders all over the world. Even if you are not the praying kind, it is time to be because it seems that nowhere is a safe haven except faith in Jesus Christ or God.

I cannot tell Christmas goodbye…

So, we made gingerbread cookies tonight. My daughter insisted on red and green icing and snowflake, candy cane and gingerbread man cutters. I get the man ones, but the other ones were so Christmasy. She is definitely her mom’s daughter:) I am the kind of person who decorates for Valentine’s, Easter, the 4th, for every birthday mine and hers and Halloween and obviously,Christmas. My daughter’s theater production in D.C. was pretty major and took up a couple of months, and went on until the middle of December and I was also sick and I was finishing up another degree. All of these reasons combined are how we got “behind” on Christmas.

So, I know I can’t ‘make up” for missing the Nutcracker. We were both too sick to go and all of the shows have packed up until next Christmas. So, we had gingerbread stuff unused and turned the Christmas tree on and started making cookies tonight. They turned out pretty good, but we are going to give most of them away. We have baked so much during Christmas. But since I am such a stickler for traditions, we had to scratch this off of the list before totally giving up one of the last vestiges of Christmas.

I have an adoration for my tree. Each ornament is very special to me. They are either from my childhood, or my daughter made them, my daughter is on them, or they are just plain beautiful. I love to turn it on every night and mellow out before falling asleep. but I have a BIG confession. One of the biggest reasons that I have the tree up right now is, it is so hard to get the lights off, the ornaments take forever to put away because there are over a hundred, and storing the tree is a major pain in the a–.

So as much as I am in love with the Christmas season and the beauty of the reason behind it, part of me not telling Christmas goodbye is because I don’t want to tell with the cleanup. I was listening to Christmas music yesterday with 5 little girls singing along, so I am not the only one who can’t let go of the spirit. My daughter actually has a tree up in her room all year-long and we have it decorated in her favorite things and colors that match her room and her personality but none of the ornaments are red or green or Christmas in nature. I have been toying with the idea of shoving our 6 feet artificial in the corner and decorating it for each holiday. But that means more money spent on ornaments, and more stuff and I can’t stand a lot of “stuff”.

So, when I get back from my journey up 95 North, I will start to take the ornaments off over a couple of days and then spend a day on the ridiculous light job that I did. I think I will keep the tree up though until I can order a tree bag for it. How the hell do people get their trees back in the original boxes? Bungees? The help of super heroes? I can’t do it. I am an intelligent woman who is pretty self-sufficient, but getting a Christmas tree back into its original box stumps me. There is also the problem that I got rid of said box last year out of frustration, so I couldn’t put it in the box even if I was talented enough to because it was long ago recycled.

Though my place has the lingering of some snowflake plug-ins, a snowman sign and a let it snow picture, Christmas is on its way out of my place.:( But the way the weather has been, snowflake accessories or not, it looks as though winter is here to stay for quite awhile!

Is it silly as a grown woman to long for a best friend?

I totally woke up today thinking out how I missed having a best friend to talk to everyday, or on a regular basis. I had a series of best friends at different stages of my life like most of us have. In Kindergarten, Elementary, High School and College. Even when I went back to college in my mid-20’s to finish up my Bachelor’s, I had a crew of friends that were at my place consistently. Then I started career work and did not bond with the people in those 2 different jobs for different reasons. One job, was just super stressful and we worked long hours and the women were older with families so their was no commonality. The second career job was with all men, and I did not feel respect or a sense of belonging. Then over the last decade I have been a mom and have taken care of kids, so outside of the parents of the kids I have cared for or friends I have met because I in “mom” situations (park, dance classes, kid events, etc.), I haven’t met tons of people.

I think it is an awkward time when babies are l little. Many stay at home moms and dad feel a sense of isolation. I remember being super lonely and trying to start a mom’s group or join one. It was super tough to start one because there were so many established ones in this area. On the other hand, it was hard to go to a mom’s club because I worked taking care of kids so my schedule was not wide open. So, as much as I loved being around for my child, particularly during her early years, I wanted someone to talk to besides my husband or the grocery store clerk. It also did not help that my husband and his friends were super immature and club goers, so it is not like I was invited to a lot of couples events, because most of his friends were not in committed relationships.

Now I am in a different situation. I am a single mom in a land of families everywhere. So the close friends I have who are “kept”, do not have to work, and they do couples events. I have the occasional lunch/dinner or drinks with these women, but it is much less now that our kids are older and are going in so many directions with activities and parties. So, for a long, long time I have missed my college best friend who is over 600 miles away and a lot of other friends who really know me before I was a parent but they live all over the country.

I had a friend last year who I talked to every day for months on end. We had known each other for a few years because we met at a local Starbucks and I would see her there all of the time. After knowing each other awhile, we decided to hang out and do a girl’s day with my kid. After hanging out, she was literally my bestie. We had best friend bracelets event-I know silly!!! She would text me or call me every morning and night and we would hang out any time my daughter had a sleepover or camping trip or event. We would even hang out with my kid because she adores her.

But one day, she kind of stopped and I felt crushed. It sounds utterly ridiculous, but our friendship became comfy and there was someone I could tell things to besides my mom or daughter or a best friend that I talk to every couple of weeks. And, she was local, so that made it more fun.She is single though and she dates freely and has a completely different life and schedule and is younger than me. But I was so excited to have someone I could be myself with like my friends from long ago. So it took me a couple of months to get adjusted to not talking to her as much because whatever funk she was going through. Even though we still talk now, and she is there for my daughter’s important events, or for my birthday, we don’t have the same sister like relationship.

I guess shows like Friends and Sex and the City lulled me into this false sense of belief that I too at 30ish would have a close knit group of friends that I can hang with. But honestly, most people my age and a majority of the moms that I have befriended over the last 10 years are just homely and boring. I vowed to never be a mom that discusses diaper genies or to drive a mini-van. Most of my friends drive a mini-van and there cars are pretty cool on the inside, so that isn’t what makes them not cool to hang with. They are just so lost in their familial relationships, that they have lost the fun part of themselves. Though I am totally dedicated to my daughter, I still dress stylish and know the latest music and I am a part of a woman’s small group that meets once a month. I go to wine tastings every couple of months. Basically, though I have no hubby or man in my life, I am more than just a parent.

I guess I am looking for a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda to meet up with. I want to be around people if they have children, put them first. But I also want these same people to put themselves at a very close second. In other words, not act like they are 60. Maybe in this stage of my life it is difficult to find a bestie to meet up with who gets who I am and can relate to where I am in my life. Perhaps I am expecting to much from people. Maybe if I got married again it would be a cinch? Or maybe, having a best friend is not something I should be worried about. But when I watch movies and television and see friends on social media hanging with theirs, I miss having someone who is like a sister to talk to.

Sound pathetic? Probably so, but this is what I am feeling right now and pitiful or not it is the truth. Do you guys have besties you hang with? Am I the only person out there who feels the need to meet more friends and make more connections? Surely I am not. Well anyway, have a good night and enjoy your weekend! Funnily enough, we are going out of state to NJ to see a very good friend for the weekend. So I guess I have a good number of friends, but not the fun-loving, secret keeping, fabulous sidekick that I wish for:)



I understand that having kids can be challenging, but they are a blessing-trust me…

I was never the type of person that said that Oh My Gosh, I can’t wait to get married and have kids!!!! I knew I wanted to get married one day, and I would hopefully have a few kids, but I wasn’t pressed to do either. It also did not help that I found out at 19 that getting pregnant would be very difficult for me, so I guess I subconsciously tried to not be too excited about kids just in case I couldn’t have one.

That being said, my kid has changed my life greatly. I totally yell and have a sharp tone of voice with her. I am not syrupy sweet to her every second and it is sometimes unfair that I take out a frustration on her, but that is what loved ones do unfortunately. But I meet so many of these effing Stepford wannabes in the D.C. area that as my very southern mom would say-“Sugar wouldn’t melt in their mouth”, which is supposed to mean that they are super fakey sweet. But these same moms, are literal monsters when they are not in public. Or, they suck it up all of the time and never get mad, but when they do it is ugly.

I am the kind of person that nips a problem immediately. My kid is being snarky, I tell her to shut her mouth. One of her friends is speaking rude, I tell her to cut that crap out. So, even though I speak sharply sometimes, it is rarely “real yelling”, but more of a raised voice. I am saying all of this to say that we are all human, but people need to realize what a gift kids are. I wish some of these people could speak to women that cannot have kids or to those who have lost kids to death.

I think that we should appreciate all of our loved ones to the ability that we can every day. That does not mean that everything is rosy. Or that things will all be easy. But I get so sick of women that I know complaining about how their children are wearing them out or that they are mad about a snow day or that they can’t wait until Christmas break or Easter break or summer break is over. Cherish your kids!!! They are little for a short time. Eighteen years flies by. My child is only half of that, but that half went by in a blink and I have only spent maybe 3 days away from her in all of those years! I am home with her 24/7 because she is home schooled and her dad is a jackass and never gets her and I still manage to appreciate our mom/daughter relationship. It will change over the years for the good and the bad, but it is too special to just ignore or be sick of.

So, for all of the full time career moms that say: “Well, you don’t know how it is-you don’t have a full-time job!” I could say a lot to these disillusioned bimbos. But I will simply say: BOLLOX!! I keep kids 25 hours per week. I just finished another Master’s, I home school my kid. I have no help from any family member because my mom is 700 miles away and his family does nothing for me or my daughter. We spent 15-20 hours a week for months with my daughter’s art and acting classes and performances on top of everything else . So where these superior women spend 60 hours at work, 20 hours socializing and 20 hours a week with their kids, I do ALL that I mentioned with my kid present.

So it may sound if I am being judgmental too, but I am not. I am the one that is judged more often than not.  I was a late bloomer. I am just now doing career-oriented things, for one reason because I took a 10 year break. But, I am just explaining that I may not have job stress, but no one is around to teach or raise or entertain my kids except for me or her friends on an occasional play date. There are 5  kids over here right now. That is the way I like it. All of her friends want to be here, because though I am stern and strict, I am fun and caring and make things about the kids. To make matters worse, some of these same women have weekends away from their kids and still complain about how their kid is getting on their nerves the weekends that they are “on.”

It not only sickens me, but it makes me wonder why the hell they had kids. Because it was on their to do list? Or because it was an accident? Or because it seemed like the right time in their life and everyone else was doing it too? I don’t claim to be a saint, but I am a good mom. I am not a doctor, a lawyer, a CEO, but I am one helluva mother. I am a friend, chauffeur, nurse, caregiver, advice giver, personal assistant, personal shopper, counselor, and so much more and I do not make 6 figures. But every night, I pray that I can live to be 100 to be around for my baby. I realize the gift that she truly is.

I hope and pray that these moms and dads that are only there when their children are being recognized, or are shining, wake up before it is too late. It would be a pity for their children to parent in the same way. Or, for these neglected children to wake up one day and want nothing to do with their parents.

The Washington, D.C. area is one of the wealthiest areas in this country. The neglect is not the same as in other places. These kids are entitled. Sure they have food and shelter.They also have many, many “things”. Uggs, and iPads and Northface jackets and shiny objects. What many of them that I have witnessed do not get is: time, attention, consideration, proper discipline, or no discipline at all. In some case, poor nutrition because they eat fast food as they are being shuttled from activity to activity or from caregiver to caregiver. (not that we never eat fast food, but you get the point I hope) They may live in gorgeous homes and safe areas,but many of them are empty and sad.

Most of the families that I have cared for, this is not the case. But I have been a tutor/teacher/nanny to kids in this area for 11 years, so I am not being overly dramatic or emotional. I have seen and cared for some of these kids that are just an accessory to their parents-or it sure as heck seems like it. Throwing material things at these kids is not a myth, it is the plain truth and happens all of the time. These types of parents think that giving kids a 50,000 dollar car when they are 16  replaces hugs and love. But what so many of these kids are begging for is someone to notice them, or to listen to them or tell them that they are not allowed to do something because it is a sign that someone cares. I truly hope these parents put the puzzle pieces together sooner than later.

Sorry to be a downer, but it had to be said…



So, I am watching Empire. I feel like it is quality programming. Will it last?

I am so excited about this Taraji Henson and Terrence Howard program on Fox. I love music of all types and think that these are two very talented actors that are typically in “black” movies, which many people do not see a lot of. This is a great way for mainstream America to see how awesome they are. I get so into shows like this and Smash and other shows that start off so fab and the programming cannot or do not continue to be stellar. So far, the comedy side of it is super-duper on point and I love the retro looks. It’s like Olivia Pope who? That awesome Mahoganysesque hat and coat are killer.

I am also excited for the new Marvel show, the return of Once Upon a Time and House of Cards. Scandal is a show that I used to love and have high hopes that I will feel that way once again, if the writers can turn the tide. I am bummed that Mad Men is ending and I am also a bit let down that Downton Abbey turned into a soap opera. But I still have a love for the beautiful costumes and aristocracy.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on current tv. I have not been into shows like this since the Sopranos, Sex and the City, Seinfeld and Friends. I am glad that I have interesting things to watch now that I am out of school!! And because I have no dating life:) Check out Empire. It is frigging awesome!

Night for now.



Cooking our fave squash and onions and olive oil and thought about…

I started thinking about how important it is to eat organic or Kosher meat. If you care anything about your family or yourself, or animals for that fact, eat better meat. I am kind of pissed because I went to my local Wegman’s which is my fave store in the world next to Target and Nordstrom-I digress, there is less Kosher meat there as of late. I am not Jewish, but I love Kosher because of the extra inspection that is done on the health of the animal and the humane treatment of the animal during growth stages and including when their life ends for consumption. I also love Kosher because the price is less than the word Organic. There used to be Organic Kosher at Wegman’s, but that mad no sense to me. So, there are like 2 tiny rows of kosher now. But I think that 5 dollars for 4 chicken thighs is not bad. I am not wealthy or rich, or upper middle class. I am barely middle class. What my barely middle class behind had to do was stop drinking lattes for 5.23 7 days a week. First off, the caffeine was hurting my body. Secondly, the 35 plus a weak was killing my barely there bank account. So, long long story short-give up things that are not necessary like cigs or beer or too much Starbucks to put better food into your body. I kind of feel like a big fat hypocrite saying this because I had an Asiago pretzel at Barnes and Noble for lunch and a 50 percent off Godiva dark chocolate peppermint candy bar. But…I don’t eat meat with hormones. So there!! Enjoy what you eat, but try to avoid hormones and steroids in your meat, aspartame in your foods and drinks, and basically artificial ingredients whenever you can. Those little changes can improve your help, help you live longer and help prevent disease. I may write more later, but I am cooking dinner late because we woke up late today so all of the meals are off schedule.

Bon appe’tit!



P.S. Besides the weak moment with the candy bar and pretzel, I am doing my clean eating. I was cold and hungry, so I slipped:( It is 15 degrees here.

Okay, so I got busy again…

I am still up! But, I am trying to be more “clean” so I did cleaning of the kitchen floor and other annoying duties. Then I got roped into “The Goblet of Fire”. It is silly that we have the whole HP series on DVD and when it comes on tv, I have to watch it anyway. About Harry Potter. How many of you Christians think that it is demonic? That drives me freaking crazy!! When my child was in private school for kindergarten (she was bored out of her mind), we would drive one hour in traffic to get to her school. She was about a 3rd grade reading comprehension at that point and though she was smart, I knew she could not read a 600 page book. So, we listened to the CD on the way to her half-day school adventure and on the way back. We would both jump in the car with anticipation of what was coming next. I knew the whole story because I had seen the 5 or 6 movies that were out at that point and had read all of the books. But the audio was amazing. They guy who was the narrator did over 100 voices and was phenomenal.

I digress. My little girl who was not ready for the movies, and probably did not “get” all of the audio, learned so many lessons from Harry Potter and friends. She learned about bullies, and friendship, and good and evil. Much like what she was learning at the Christian school at the time. You know, the teachings on Jesus and the fall of Satan and all of that good stuff. It is very much akin to HP lessons and trials. Not saying that Jesus is similar to an 11 year old wizard with glasses. But I am saying that in HP magical world, HP is the savior of their world. Obviously, in my opinion anyway, Jesus is the savior of the real world. You get the point.

Anyway, we cheered Gryffindor on and tsked when Malfoy came on and my kid asked questions, and it was an awesome way to “geek out” and bond together. We even went to Harry Potter World a couple of years later (which disappointed me), but the point is, we got a lot out of it. One of our friends said that his daughters can’t watch or read about HP because of the spells and incantations. They are just Latin derivatives. They aren’t real, they are just a part of the story. My daughter isn’t doing seances, nor does she dress as a demon for Halloween.

I think sometimes we as Christians and people and parents in general just need to chill the heck out about a lot of things. Stop being so PC and reading something into everything and just live and enjoy life. Of course, I can’t make someone believe in the way that I do. Nor can someone control the way that I live my life or raise my kid. But I think saying things about Harry Potter being anti-Christian, just gives Christians a bad name. I think that having less judgment as Christians would go a long, long way. Like the whole gay issue. But that is another topic all together.

Okay, okay. I am going to try very hard to go to sleep soon. Eight hours in two nights is just not good for anyone. But to be honest, I got a bit re-energized when I found out that I don’t have to work in the morning and I was already off tomorrow night. So, here I go, getting off schedule again. To be honest, I just have a lot of excitement about this new year. More excitement than I have had in a long time and I just can’t hide it. Yes, that was a Pointer Sisters Reference for those of you born before 1990.:)

Nighty night.



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