So, do you find comfort in what is routine? That can be dangerous! Or at least it has been for me…

So, as time has gone by, I realize what a creature of comfort I am. I thought I was immune to routine, but as time goes by, I realize my dependence on it. But aren’t we all like that?

I was thinking today for some odd reason, how at ease I am in job I am not so thrilled with. What I do isn’t so bad, just the lady I work for, and I need to earn a lot more money. But when I go there I know what I am doing, there is a flow and a routine.

When I was in high school, probably freshman year, my mom wanted to move to Athens, Ga, which is one of the cooler parts of Ga. As much as I hated my town and made fun of it, I was afraid to move because of change. I was stuck in the rut of routine and probably lost out on a lot of great opportunities.

From 2013 until 2016, I had a part-time gig that did not pay enough. But I stuck with it. I persevered because it was convenient and easy, but easy isn’t always what is best for us.

I am not saying this to be preachy or self-righteous, because clearly I have a problem with stirring things up. But doing the same things and hoping for more is not only non-sensical, but leads to complacency. We all owe ourselves more than that.

Many of us are grinding at work we don’t love and counting down the hours, in a sense creating comfort in our misery. I get that we cannot snap our fingers and leave a job we abhor. There are too many responsibilities as an adult to just up and leave. But, at least taking baby steps to change our circumstances is what we must do if we want to live an exuberant life rather than one we merely tolerate.

Note to self!!!



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  1. twainausten says:

    There is some combination of familiar comforts and novelty that bring us happiness. If it works for you, why change it? Soon enough something compels to move, to change. Tis life, I think.

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    1. Definitely different way of looking at it. I appreciate your response, it holds truth!


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